Mount Auburn Street, Watertown
1986 TFW planting  Robbins Rd.           
The Trees for Watertown Board of Directors and other interested members meet monthly, nine months of the year, to plan, evaluate, and act on behalf of Watertown's urban forest.

        •  We advocate for the long-term care, conservation and planting
            of trees in Watertown.

        •  We collaborate with Watertown's Tree Warden to educate citizens and institutions
           on the importance of trees in the urban environment, and to develop plans
           and policies for the long-term health and well-being of Watertown's urban forest.

        •  We attend town meetings and give voice to tree issues related to building
           developments, park renovations, a
Citizens Pruning  Corpsnd road improvements.
        •  We celebrate Arbor Day with the Tree Warden each April by
            donating the planting of a tree and helping to provide tree
            seedlings to schoolchildren.
        •  Your idea here!  We welcome new members with ideas and


Trees for Watertown welcomes individuals, neighborhood groups, businesses, and organizations
to join with TFW in working for the greening of Watertown!  

Here are some important activities we are always looking for help with.

        •  Plant and care for trees in our own neighborhoods

        •  Serve as a public voice for the beauty, value, and requirements
           of trees

       •  Collaborate with town departments and other local citizen
            groups to maintain
a healthy environment in Watertown

        •  Help Watertown neighborhoods organize a neighborhood tree planting

        •  Learn how to prune trees, identify local tree concerns and find solutions

        •  Provide educational resources and activities promoting the benefits of trees

        •  Work on community development strategies to ensure a healthy population
           of shade trees on urban streets into the future


Your annual membership helps demonstrate the value Watertown's citizenry
places on trees and helps support TFW's activities.   

Download and mail in the TFW membership form today!

Please click here to become a member, renew annual membership, or make a donation to TFW. 

Active membership is the life blood of TFW!  If you'd like to lay your shoulder to
the plough with us, w
e will instantly welcome your energy and ideas!  Please join
up today, as per TFW's by-laws, you must be a member for at least two months
to be eligible to vote as a TFW general member or to serve on the board.


Trees for Watertown is a nonprofit, tax-exempt, 501(c)3 volunteer citizens organization, incorporated in 1985 in Watertown, Massachusetts. We appreciate your support toward the care, conservation, and planting of shade trees in Watertown.

If you'd like to donate to TFW, please write a check payable to Trees for Watertown and send it to
        Trees for Watertown
        PO Box 392
        Watertown, MA 02471-0392 

Or donate on line by clicking here, or bring along your donation when you come to a TFW meeting or event.

                                    2022-2024 TFW BOARD OF DIRECTORS

                                    Libby Shaw                        President  contact
                                    Eugenie Johnston              Treasurer
                                    Donald J. MacDonald Jr.    Secretary
                                    Corinna Baksik                   Member at large
                                    James Briand                     Member at large

                                    Anita Roy Dobbs                Member at large
                                    Dennis J. Duff                     Member at large
                                    Jessica Grimsby                 Member at large
Michele Waldman               Member at large
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