Legacy Maple at Watertown Public Library
WELCOME to the website for Trees for Watertown, Watertown's volunteer citizen tree advocacy group!
     Trees for Watertown's mission is to care for our community and environment, by

     • promoting the planting and preservation
of shade trees

     • serving as an educational resource as to the beauty,
       value, and requirements of trees
     • collaborating with town departments, local, regional
       and national organizations and the public to support a
       healthy urban forest in Watertown, Massachusetts.

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SATURDAY, MARCH 11, 9:30 - 11:30 am

Trees for Watertown presented
leaf left THE RIGHT TREE FOR ME leaf right

A panel presentation by four tree experts, with Q&A
•  how to select and plant the perfect tree
for YOUR urban yard

•  how to make sure your tree has a long,
healthy lifetime of beauty & service

Did you miss this event?  No problem!
CLICK HERE for the video recording

Click below for links to presentation slide decks.
Greg Mosman, MCA on Tree Affordability
Ben Anderson, MCA on Small Yard Challenges
Jen Kettell, BCMA on Tips for Growing Success
Anthony Fox on Tree-Centric Landscaping

Right Tree For Me poster


Wonder what kind of tree that is in front of your house?
Explore Watertown's public shade trees
via an interactive inventory map!

opentreemap segment

Interested in requesting a public shade tree for the street in front of your home?   That's great!

Here's a link to Watertown DPW's Tree Request Form. 

Is there a tree in Watertown that you love
and would like to share your appreciation for?

If the tree is visible from the street,
help other people appreciate it too via
the Watertown Tree Map App!

This is a Google Map Overlay marking
special trees all over Watertown.
Click on a tree icon to see that tree,
learn its name
 and find out why it's special.
Great for walking tours!

Please send us your favorite Watertown tree!
New entries to celebrate are always welcome.
The more entries, the deeper the picture of
how much Watertown loves its trees!

Here's what you do:
1.  Take a nice photo or two of the tree
2.  Send the photos,
the tree's location by street address,
and a brief statement about why this tree
is special to you to

We'll add your entry to the
Watertown Tree Map App
so that other people can appreciate your tree too!

CLICK HERE for lots more news from Trees for Watertown.

CLICK HERE to download a brochure on
22 Benefits of Urban Shade Trees

Trees for Watertown's board meeting
usually takes place
on the third Wednesday of the month.
TFW's monthly meeting
takes place on line.

See the TFW Calendar page for meeting dates
and past meeting minutes.

Watertown citizens interested in trees are encouraged to attend!
Please drop us an email or call
to let us know you're coming.


Without adequate municipal supervision, and despite explicit tree-protective contract language, shade trees routinely suffer serious damage in road and sidewalk reconstruction work - especially their root systems. 

Loss of a healthy urban tree has major, long-term negative impact on its neighborhood.


Here's a picture from Cambridge of the minimum  protective barrier recommended during sidewalk construction work.  The tree well is fenced to protect this part of the tree's root system.  No materials are stored inside the tree's dripline.

Huron Ave Tree protection

This an example of a street tree with both trunk and root zone protection.   This kind of protection should be routine for street work.

If you observe construction or pruning activities that you feel may be damaging public shade trees,

Utility pruning can seriously damage trees. See below for an example of the aggressive utility pruning protocol that heavily damaged Watertown's street trees in 2009-2010.

For email or text message announcements
about public shade tree hearings or
utility pruning schedules, go to Watertown's NOTIFY ME website and select Tree Warden.

NSTAR Utility Pruning, June 2010
NSTAR utility pruning example

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